Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Holy Cross Sunday

0:00 Prelude
6:26 Welcome & Announcements
9:27 Confession & Forgiveness
11:12 Opening Hymn – Lift High the Cross
15:19 Greeting, Kyrie, and Prayer of the Day
16:44 Lesson – 1 Corinthians 1:18-25
17:58 Gospel – Luke 9:18-27
19:54 Homily – God’s Promises Made Visible
33:07 Hymn of the Day – King of Kings
37:20 Apostles’ Creed & Offertory Prayer & Prayers of the Church
40:37 Holy Communion
48:14 Closing Hymn – Living Hope
53:15 Dismissal & Postlude

Today is Holy Cross Sunday. We celebrate this feast day commemorating the semi-legendary arrival of pieces of the true cross to Constantinople because it is this congregation’s name day! Today we remember that, on the cross, God revealed his loving nature to humanity. Our paraments are red to remind us of the blood of Christ, shed for us.

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