Holy Cross Lutheran Church


The history of Holy Cross Lutheran church began in October of 1958, when a group of 6 Brigham City residents got together to look into founding a Lutheran congregation there.  Its first service was held in February of 1959, and the congregation was officially organized in November of 1959.  Construction on the building (now on the Brigham City Historic Tour) began in August of 1960 and was completed in March of 1961.  Through the years Holy Cross has had lean times and prosperous times, but the congregation has always managed to maintain its ministry in this area.

The 1970s and 1980s were good years for Holy Cross, as the congregation experienced a great deal of growth and success, and was able to celebrate the final payment of the Church’s mortgage in September of 1980.  The 1990s were another story, as several factors contributed to a decline in membership.  By the 2000s, Holy Cross was again on the upswing, and looking forward, having left its previous denominational affiliation, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, to join a new association in Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ.

Now, looking ahead into the next decade, Holy Cross is poised and ready to live out its mission statement, “Embrace God’s word; know Christ’s peace; share the Spirit’s promise.”  Our membership stands at 48 families, most of which are active in the life of the Church, yet we are passionate about growing to better minister to our community.  We currently support several local organizations, especially those that work with domestic violence victims and single parent families.