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A letter from Pastor Mike

Dear siblings in Christ, It has been my privilege and honor to serve God at Holy Cross Lutheran for the past twelve years. You welcomed

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Psalm 95 – There’s a Psalm for This

Sometimes the Christian life is an interesting balance between what we in our Lutheran tradition calls “Law and Gospel”. The Law is meant to curb, keeping the sinful nature in check; mirror, showing us what the perfect reflection of God’s image is and showing us how we have sinned; and guide, showing the follower of Jesus how to live a Christ-centered life. The Gospel, the good news of God, the divine promise of grace, forgiveness of sins, and abundant life.

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17th Sunday after Pentecost

0:00 Prelude 3:45 Welcome & Announcements 6:25 Confession & Forgiveness 8:38 Opening Hymn – Glory to God Forever 11:53 Greeting, Kyrie, and Prayer of the

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Acts 1 – 9/27/2020

For Adult Sunday School this year, we will be studying the book of Acts. Join us as we look at the early Church, and please

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16th Sunday after Pentecost

0:00 Prelude 3:55 Welcome & Announcements 6:09 Confession & Forgiveness 7:54 Opening Hymn – For the Beauty of the Earth 11:07 Greeting, Kyrie, and Prayer

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