Holy Cross COVID-19 Response

Current as of August 26, 2020

With the goal of returning to meeting together in a safe, responsible way, creating opportunities for people to attend Holy Cross Lutheran in-person while limiting risk of contracting COVID-19; and out of a love for God and our neighbor (expressed in Luke 10:27) expressed, in part, through recognizing that different people will have different levels of comfort, and respecting each other’s personal boundaries especially when they differ from our own (Galatians 5:13-15, Romans 14:13-19); the church council has decided to resume meeting in-person beginning on September 6.

As part of this decision, we wanted to have a plan in place to try to avoid the surprises we had in late May, when we had taken steps to meet in person only to, at the last minute, reverse those plans. We will be following the lead of the Box Elder School District in this regard: if BESD goes back to online-only instruction, we will also go back to online-only worship.

Here’s is a description of what in-person worship will be like when we resume September 6:

  • No coffee or refreshments provided.
  • Discouraging visiting in the narthex and fellowship hall to maintain social distancing.
  • Encouraging those who want to visit with each other to visit outdoors.
  • Requiring wearing a mask, bandana, or other face covering.
  • Providing hand sanitizer at the entrance to the church.
  • No sharing of the peace, passing the offering plate, or gathering at the altar rail for Holy Communion.
  • Individually prepared Communion cups for Communion.
  • Limiting capacity to maintain social distance (roughly 8 households)
  • If someone isn’t feeling well, especially if exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, please worship with us online.
  • If someone is at high risk for complications of COVID-19, or is medically incapable of mask-wearing or following the other guidelines, please continue to worship with us online.

We will continue to monitor the pandemic situation, especially the response of the School District per our church council’s decision. Keep an eye on the church website or Facebook page for updates. There’s also a good chance some of the details of how we are meeting together will change; please be flexible as we all figure out together how we will move forward.

Please do remember that as we are resuming in-person worship, our online live-streams will continue. We have been gathering online for quite some time, and because we are still in extraordinary times, joining together for worship online is just as valid as joining together for worship in-person.

For more information on COVID-19, visit the Utah Health Department or the Bear River Health Department.

-Pastor Mike

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